What do i need to get started?

Hello All,

I am curently running on a trial version, and have developed my first succesfull robot.

But i am not quite sure what licenses i need to get running.

My robot has to run a Job every night by shcedule, no manually actions.

i was thinking, one studio license and one Backoffice license?

Is that correct?


Hi @svelle85,

congrats for the first successful Robot.

You have to licence Orchestrator too which helps you in many ways.


Vikas Reddy

Are you saying, that scheduling cant be done without orchestrator?

It can be done using Windows Task Scheduler. But Orchestrator is the best option.

Vikas Reddy

Hello @svelle85

This article describes how to schedule a process manually without orchestrator

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Hello All, thank you for you’re responses.