What design.json is used for?

Hello, recently updated UiPath to the latest version. (2022.4.3)

I can now see folder “.project” with “design.json” within the folder.

The design.json has only following entry:

Can anyone tell me what is this file for and if its ok to put this into .gitignore?

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If you have seen the project settings there has been few new fields one of which is tags.

So I guess it may be related to that !


Hello @gregory.l

Do you mean the project.json file? If yes, you can check the below post.

No, I meant design.json and that is missing from the UiPath documentation. That was the first place i checked.

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Hmm that sounds correct. I wonder why there isn’t any documentation on this online.

My guess would be similar as @Nithinkrishna. Spot on.

It might take some time for them to be refreshed. It will probably happen with the Enterprise release :slight_smile:

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The Tags are properties of a project. This started from UiPath Studio v2022.4.*

The tags can be modified in your UiPath Studio Project Settings:




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