What changes to make if an extension changed from Chrome to Edge after all the developement part is done?

Hi All,

Can someone explain what are the changes to make when an extension changes after the development is done and deployed to production?
What are the action pointers to consider ?

Please help me out
Thanks in advance:-)

Hi @Vaishnav_Tej ,

So you have developed whole development using chrome now you are going to change to edge right?

If yes you have to change all the selector that contains chrome


If it’s a big project how can we do ? It takes lot of time.
Is there any other simpler way ?

no other option

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have a look at the browser migration tool:

it will require some manually postediting / testing. Also we would recommend to validate in a mini test before (allways take bakckups before any conversion).

In general the tool has a potential to reduce manual work efforts

In some scenarios we coupled it also with mass replacements on plain XAML base e.g. done with notepad++

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