What can I do when I get this message: "This project uses legacy Windows support which is being phased out and will no longer be available for new projects in the next Enterprise version"

Yes, we recommend starting using only Windows and Cross-Platforms.

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Well noted, Thank you Marian!

But old code is not opening and it is hanged very often .

‘Convert to Windows’ results in ‘package not found in any feed’ for most of my packages (80%) in Manage Packages. Old workflows do not run due to unresolvable dependacy conflicts. Basically many activities on the marketplace/nuget become obsolete.

there are some activities which don’t work with the window- type project. What can we do? a backend part about get credentials doesn’t work in my case

If a dependency package was not targeted for a .Net 6.0 or .Net 5.0 framework and was not published in the external feed, you will have issues.

Hi Marian, I try to convert but my image all gone. Is that mean I need to reload all the image ?

Would you please assist me on this. Thank you Carolyna

Yes, for the troubling activities, you need either to rebuild them or fix them.

Hi Marian,

i downloaded the .net 6.0 and installed it. Now when i try to migrate the project i get the following error:

If I enter in the workflow with the error, i go in this screen and I get these errors:

Thank you Marian

Thank you for your prompt respond, Marian.

Hello Marian,

After I migrated, I got many kinds of errors. Like these two.
There were no problems at my window legacy codes.

I cannot run any programs after migration. Nothing changed after I clicked yes or installed latest version of .Net from Microsoft.

I wrote with C# . I got so many errors like that in all activities.

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I have the same issue but with terminal activities

Hi Marian

As per the Notes the projects already created in Windows-Legacy can be edited / enhanced in Uipath Studio Enterprise edition 2023.4, right ?

Yes, you are right.

Thanks for confirming :slight_smile:

Hi Marian, any idea about Htet_Aung_Lwin and mine error with the .net?

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after convernt window-legacy to Windows, i found error below, pls help to solve this

I use BalaReva excel activities to merge cells. After I convert to windows, I can’t use the function.

Any other ways to merge cells?

If the process was published using window-legacy. Is it will affected as well?

Hi @tengku.hazim ,

Could you check with the below post :

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