What can I do when "Data scraping" is not available?


In two softwares, I tried to extract data table with the “Data Scraping” activity. But I got an error “This control does not support data extraction. Please select a table cell”.

In my software data looks like table but the UI selector is different than data table in a web page. In my example I want to loop on a table line to check a checkbox before clicking on a button.

Then what can I do to get those data ? Screen Scraping is returning a string with everything inside it… It’s a little bit the mess…

Any idea ?

Hi @promo

If you can’t use Data Scraping try to use Screen Scraping maybe and check whats giving to you.

If you can’t use Screen Scraping too, you will be forced to use image recognition activities (like click image or image exists) or OCR

I am not very sure about the UI. But You can try using hotkey to move next control and try getting the data from it.


Do you have any screenshot of the page that you need to extract the data?

How can I work with screen scraping that is returning a string of all my table ?

It’s not a page…It’s a software.
For this example a screenshot coming from Microsoft Dynamics Ax :

Notice : I also had the same issue with other application homemade by my Company… :wink:

I have not Microsoft Dynamic to test, but I think that page have not a Grid (table).
I think it should be separate fields.
If this is how I say, you will have to add a “For” for each line by extracting each field and saving it in a String . I think it is not a problem of “Data Scraping”. Your data is not in the Table format in your application

I’m not sure to understand your solution proposal…

As lines are dynamic (sometimes one sometime more) how I can feed the “For” activity to be sure to get all to them ?


  1. Try by using Dynamic Selector (I mean by changing the index of each row, achieve this by looping and by incrementing) and Extract Each Row Text as a string . By using String Manipulation, make it as a structired Data.

  2. If you can’t able to navigate through Selector try through Send Hot Key, then Get the Text( Include the tag aastate in the selector while extracting text) then do string Manipulation.



When you use the Screen Scraping Wizard, there is an option where you can see a preview of the exported DT. But, I will bet that you can’t do what you want trough Screen Scraping.

I will recommend you, as @MAHESH1 said, to make a dynamic selector (if its able to do)… If the element that you have to automatize doesnt support UiPath, you maybe can use “Find Relative Element”. With this activity you can identify some element that supports UiPath, and then, select the following place that robot must click or interact with.

If you can’t do anything of these, you will be forced to use image recognition activities as I said in my first post.

Kind regards,


Thank you for your suggestion I’m not sure I can work with dynamic selectors I tried multiple times without success…

But it’s working well with “click image” activity on the first checkbox. How can I do a loop on all checkboxes in the window with image recognition ?

Hi promo,

Did you find a solution for getting the data from the tables in Microsoft AX?