What argument can I use in "Flow Decision" to choose between two task that don't involve numbers?

Hello, I’m looking for a condition that will give more flexibility to the way I “Get Text” from websites.

Is there an argument I can put in the condition field that will choose the correct task to ‘Get Text’ from a webpage?

Every tutorial I’ve found on this site and youtube have conditions for numbers/integers. I’m using selectors that are different from each other. Here’s a sample flow chart.

Flow Art.xaml (5.2 KB)

Hi @cooger,

This argument expects anything that might return a Boolean result just like the If activity.

So, in your current scenario you could do something like:

strMySelector = "<wnd title='Notepad.exe'>"

In your condition argument you could have something like this:

strMySelector.Equals("<wnd title='Notepad.exe'>")

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Hi acaciomelo. :grin:Wow so so close! This argument got one selector but doesn’t get text for the other webpage. I replaced the “strMySelector” to “Div”. Is there an argument that allows “Flow Decision” to utilize the true and false selectors before crashing?

I keep getting this error for the other webpage.bullet Point Error

This is the second example.
Flow Art(Autosaved).xaml (22.6 KB)

This is the search entries to target both Webpages.

B073NTH13J = Div Earrings

B071WK56N6 = DivFeatureBullets
webpage seach1
Webpage Search