What are your questions on UiPath basics

Lets get some questions and answers


Is there any difference between community edition & enterprise edition

Is Publish should be done using GitHub

Hi Vajrang,

When can we start the Projects related class?

How do we create attended/unattended bots?

Do companies still use attended bots?

How blue prism projects converts in UI Path ?

why we need github when we are using UiPath orchestrator?

how to run a bot and do a task.

Which credentials to use to login GitHub in our training

is it any coding required at senior level like senior RPA Developer ?

No Difference except for license count.

1- unattended
1- attended
2- developer
2- studiox
1- test

n number - unattended
n number - attended
n number- developer
n number- studiox
n number- test

How bot and studio connected to Orchestrator?
Does keyboard shortcuts work in attended bots ?

2 ways
1 studio
2 code/Nuget package (github)

I think there’s no confirmed tool or any option for converting your blue prism project to UiPath, but you can redesign or migrate your project with a new solution diagram and apply this concept using UiPath

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