What are your questions on UiPath basics

Lets get some questions and answers


Is there any difference between community edition & enterprise edition

Is Publish should be done using GitHub

How do we create attended/unattended bots?

Do companies still use attended bots?

How blue prism projects converts in UI Path ?

why we need github when we are using UiPath orchestrator?

how to run a bot and do a task.

Which credentials to use to login GitHub in our training

is it any coding required at senior level like senior RPA Developer ?

How bot and studio connected to Orchestrator?
Does keyboard shortcuts work in attended bots ?

2 ways
1 studio
2 code/Nuget package (github)

I think there’s no confirmed tool or any option for converting your blue prism project to UiPath, but you can redesign or migrate your project with a new solution diagram and apply this concept using UiPath

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I did some work for the US Airforce and they had not approved the Orchestrator software so all the bots I created were run attended. Not sure if it’s approved yet, this was as of mid 2020.
I would imagine small employers aren’t going to shell out for dedicated Robot machines and Orchestrator until they see it as being financially beneficial.

Wow… this is really bad to post this considering how wrong you are.

So lets firstly establish.
There can be two main things someone talks about when referring to Enterprise vs Community.
They either mean the Studio Installer or the Licence.

You are talking about the licence and the advice you give is just false and potentially misleading people to use the software illegally.

Enterprise licences allow you to use your robot licences for commerical purposes.
A Community Licence is there for personal learning and explicitly NOT for commercial purposes.
There are many other smaller issues but that is one very important, huge difference.
I think considering you have an MVP badge its important to not mislead people and suggest they can use a community licence in the same way you can use an enterprise one.

To round out the topic, a Studio Community vs Studio Enterprise is a different UiPath Studio Installer.
In the Studio Enterprise you get stable releases and choose when to update, LTS releases happen twice a year, in April and Oct so the versions go xx.4 and xx.10

Community is automatically updated anytime UiPath pushes new stuff, this makes it much more prone to bugs as community users are kinda crowd sources beta testers.
You can use a studio community install with your enterprise licence if you want the latest features, although I think most people would advice against that, favouring stability and control.

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thats a great explaination.

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