What are the things to know before Advanced Certification at Uipath portal?


Can anyone help me with the above query. So that I can prepare myself for the test.

Hi @Masood_Sohail

You mean the official Certification? Or the Advanced Training?

If you mean the official, its basically the same as the level 3 of the advanced training, so I recommend you to make this first.

If you mean the Advanced Training, you should make the basic training first.

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Thanks Pablo for quick response.

I mean the official Certification.

What are the things I need to consider before going for a 3.5 hrs project. And when they publish the results?

Once again, Many Thanks.

Masood Sohail

Okay @Masood_Sohail

The official Certification practical Exam will be similar as the Advanced Training Level 3. You just need to know how the UiPath REFramework works and few of best practices, like renaming activities, change properties of the activities, and be able to manage data using the REFramework.

In the exam they will give to you more details about what you must do in the exercise. If you have done the previous training, you should be able to pass the exam.

Also you have 3 tries to pass it, so dont be afraid :slight_smile:

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Your answer helped me.


Your welcome @Masood_Sohail

Wish you the best luck

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