What are the special characters in selector and how to handle variable (with special char) that is used as selector

Hi all,

Please advise what are the special characters in selector. And how do we handle variable (with special characters) that is used as selector i.e. aaname.

thank you.

I have attached my selector. selector

my variable jobID has characters such as "- ( / \ ".

Special characters are * and ?. These are handled by making selectors which avoid integrating the characters in the selector. These cannot be escaped (e.g. with \? or \*).

My selector aaname value has ( and / . Is that why I am unable to click on that element?

The ( and / are not restricted, but if you want to be sure, you could always replace them with ?, the wildcard for a single character.

But if I replace the characters with a wild card, the variable name will not be able to match the aaname selector?

Background is that I have created a variable to store The recordID value that is obtained from Excel file.

The recordID can be 12345 or AB(BC)/EFG/22006 (with special characters e.g. “(” and “/” and “-“)

Thereafter, I passed this variable to a selector. I noticed that if the recordID is “12345”, the selector works fine (can click the link).
But if it is “AB(BC)/EFG/22006”, there is issue with the selector (i.e. cannot find the aaname and thus cannot click the link).