What are the requirements and steps to perform one time bulk data load in Uipath?

Use case:
Need to load half million data. It is a one time activity.
Each load transaction takes 30 seconds. To achieve half million , will it take ~ 6months?

Can you please suggest a feasible and a sensible solution?

If we have to load half million data in a week or so , how can Uipath handle it?
Do we need to run more number of bots to achieve it?

If so, then do you think Customer would really like to invest on n number of bots for one time activity?

Appreciate for a quick and favourable response.

What are you loading and how are you loading it? I’m just wondering if maybe there is a faster solution to achieve the data load.

If not, then you will need to either use the Queues on as many Robots as you can or split the data up between multiple robots. If it can do let’s say 100k in a week, then 10 robots can do 1million in a week. - just an example.

Loading data from a file into an ERP application.

Yes thats what, to split data into multiple bots for one time activity; do u think customer would invest for one time activity? Would customer agree to buy license for n number of bots?

Depending on the application, you could try speeding it up, so instead of 30s per item it might take less than 10. You can speed up the actions by changing both the DelayAfter and DelayBefore properties to 0 for activities, because by default there is a small delay. This will make it super fast, and if you need to move to multiple screens, you will need to use dynamic waits so it moves on quicker. So that is just a few extra tips.

For high density of processes, it is recommended to use a server environment with Orchestrator and multiple robots. However, since this is a one time process they may not want to invest in this. I would suggest that they be advised by UiPath support, as I am not sure how to go about using high density without having a server or multiple machines to run the job on.


Thank you for your inputs.
Even if i reduce per transaction to 10 secs, still half a million will take ~2 months to load.
I wanted to know if any better approach to use Uipath for one time bulk load.

I guess it depends on the application for how fast you can load the data. Like here’s an example in my company we use a mainframe to enter in line items that also have a backscreen with other details, and every 10 lines you need to jump to the next page… so this requires that you enter each line, go to the backscreen fill in details, go back, then continue to next item. If done incorrectly, this would take hours to do 1k lines. But if delays and dynamic waits are set correct, then you should be able to enter about 1k lines in 15minutes. In that case, 400k would take 100 hours or roughly a week. (hopefully I did that right)

But that’s the mainframe, so your application might have slower data load.

Hope you get this figured out for 1million lines :laughing: