What are the pre requisite to run more than 1 process on same machine

What are some pre requisite to run more than 1 process on same machine ?

Hi @Mangesh_K ,

Do you want to run processes in parallel or one after other ?

Hello @ermanoj3101 ,

Sorry I forgot to mention, it should be in parallel. 2 BOTs on same machine.

The only thing we need to take care is

Two process run in parallel only when one of the process automated without ui interaction.

okay, firstly thanks for your response. 2 questions.

  1. does this mean we can run 2 BOTs on same machine with same login simultaneously? (I didn’t know this).
  2. If yes, how? because as I know we can only configure single robot on a machine, from robot assistance/Agent Tray.

Yes we can run 2 processes on Same machine if one process is created as a background process.

You can run it from tray or Orchestrator one after other.

How to create background process?
When you create new process then there is an option to select background template just like we do for REFramework.

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Thank you for your time @ermanoj3101. It helps! Happy Learning!

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