What are the possible ways to identify whether the mail body contains the table content or not?

Hi all,
In my process I have to open every mails and then check whether the mail body contains the table template(some predefined table template)
if it contains then my next process goes on
else the mail should be ignored.


use GET EXCHANGE MAIL ACTIVITY and enable ishtmlbody property so that it will give us only the mail with html body
Cheers @PrabhuViswa

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In that case, it gives all mail with any html body but I want to check only it contains that specified html table (predefined table template).

I want to find whether the mail body contains this particular table or not…

hope these steps would help you resolve this
–use GET OUTLOOK MAIL activity and get the output with a variable named list_mailmessage
–then use FOR EACH ACTIVITY and mention the input as list_mailmessage and change the type argument as system.net.mail.mailmessage
–inside the loop use SAVE MAILMESSAGE activity and mention the mailmessage as item and mention the folder path with filename and fileextension as .eml file
–now use a START PROCESS activity and mention that .eml file path as input
–this activity will open the mail in front end and use image exists activity where choose the Call Logging Template column alone as a image (as the details column will vary with values) so that if the image exists or not can be found with a boolean variable as output named bool_image
–now use a IF condition like this
bool_image = True
if true it will go to THEN part or to ELSE part

Cheers @PrabhuViswa

If I’m using Image exists or Computer vision activity to find the table if the mail contain lots of passage then followed by a table at last those activities can’t scroll down so it gives table not exists.How to make to look through untill the end of entire body.

choose this alone as a image in image exists activity

–and to scroll down untill this image is found we can use RETRY SCOPE activity where in the condition part mention the image exists activity and in the do part use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as down

Cheers @PrabhuViswa

I’m getting this error…

Kindly reselect the image like this with this image exists activity
because this error occurs when the retry scope is not able to meet the condition specified
and also make sure that the mail is opened in foreground and then only this retry scope is performed

Cheers @PrabhuViswa

Even after reselect the image like u mentioned the same error continues I doubt I’m using the retry scope activity
wrongly …Is there something else I had missed in Action block (Retry scope).?