What Are The Enumeration Values Of RobotJS API Process-Start-On-Status In UiPath 2021.10?

What are the enumeration values of RobotJS API process-start-on-status in UiPath 2021.10?

For RobotJS API process-start-on-status, as explained in the document here: Robot - SDK Specifications: Process Start On Status , below are the enumeration values of status:

Acquire/Release server license not available on local license mode

Cancel job failed, shutdown in progress!

Robots cannot be disconnected while they are busy

You can only open files in the current project, not {0}

Unable to start local executor process

Empty orchestrator api versions!

Empty list for orchestrator api versions!

Executor already has a process assigned!

Executor was already stopped!

Invalid connection info!

Invalid robots status!

Orchestrator already connected!

Release failed: license is in use

Robot already running for user {0}

One or more robots not defined

Robot user name is required

Shutdown already in progress!

Start job failed, shutdown in progress!

Job not found

Executor detached / no executor callback available

Job canceled

Job completed

Job execution terminated abruptly!

Installing package...

Preparing job for execution...

Job started processing

Job {0} stopped

Job {0} was stopped (forced)!

Stopping job...

Waiting for execution to start...

Job faulted due to service shutdown.

Username for robot must not be same as another

There are no robots defined on Orchestrator for this machine

Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: {0}

Could not retrieve the result of the job execution. This might be because a message was too large to process.

Cannot connect to Orchestrator while a process is running.

Execution error, no exception specified

Login To Console is required for smartcard authentication

The requested functionality requires an Orchestrator connection.

A local license is required.