What are the docs for?

I’m working on my first automated project, and I want to output a data table to make sure I’m scraping the data properly. But it didn’t work, so I’m trying to read the docs to see what I messed up.

But, like every single time I’ve ever tried to read documentation by/for programmers, the most obvious required things that should be in the docs are nowhere to be found. Maybe you can help me figure out how that’s even possible?

In this particular case, I’m looking for the syntax for the field “Output” which is a text field. I’ve gotten to here: https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/output-data-table which doesn’t tell me anything that isn’t already completely obvious: the field takes a string. Of course it takes a string, it’s not going to take a boolean or an integer…

What I’m looking for:
Do I need quotes?
Which quotes do I need? Single, double, ticks, etc…
Do I need a drive letter?
Do I need to escape any characters, ie slashes?
Which slashes do I need? Microsoft? Unix?
Does a relative path work?
Where does the relative path start?
Do I need the extension on the filename?
etc etc etc

These are all things I would expect to see defined and given examples of in a piece of programming documentation, given that they always change across different software packages, platforms, build IDEs, and developers.

When I write documentation, that is the kind of information that I include. Why do programmers always leave that sort of detail out?

The example that is linked also omits these details.

Basically UIPath is developed based on .Net framework.

So all these questions are answered if you go thru the syntax of VB.Net or C# (.Net framework).

UIPath docs will explain what the activity does. Why the activity is used, what are the inputs, what’s the output and any related properties of an activity.

Karthik Byggari

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So why bother having a UIPath documentation site?