What are the differences in these parts of the save dialog?

I am trying to manipulate the top address bar (1), but oftentimes, UIPath will manipulate the bottom one (2). What are the differences, and what should I change in my selectors to ensure that I modify the top one?

This is my selector (don’t mind the red circle, that’s for another post):

wrong direction 001

The top one can only contain folders path, and the bottom one can contain a file name only (the full path will be top+bottom), or the full path (the easier option to manipulate).

Yes, functionally I know what the difference is between the two, that’s why I’m trying to use them both. In this case, I am mimicking how I would do it manually.

I’m trying to figure out how UIPath sees the two as different, and why it thinks its the same.

but you want to type in the top bar or navigate by clicking?

I want to change the path in the top bar, and leave the filename as the default.

The way I normally do it, is click in the top bar, overwrite the path, hit enter, then click save.