What are the costs of an automation project?

Dear community,

From your experience, beside the costs of LICENCES and the SALARIES of RPA Developers, what other costs are necessary for an rpa project?

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Hi @Cardon_Cezar
Its typically change according to your projects
Hardware Infra setup Cost (If you have enough provisioning from your servers there wont be any issue )
Unattended/Attended Robot purchase cost
Vendors payments
BCP Plan
Materials and other equipment
and also some of may have indirect cost

so if you considering this considering project management / cost management
i hope the project cost will be going through deeper than this as per the theory

Hi @Maneesha_de_silva,

Thanks for your reply! What do you mean by:

  • Vendors payments
  • BCP Plan
  • Materials and other equipment
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hi @Cardon_Cezar

  • Vendors payments : if you getting any help to develop you project from any 3rd party vendors then vendor support payment might have to pay (monthly/annually)
  • BCP Plan : if you considering the Disaster recovery plan , so you have to create DR setup on Active - Active / Active - Passive basis , so it may have to provisioning hardware from you DR location
  • Materials and other equipment : when you start the project , if you need to consider entire cost like , how many A4 bundles/ and stationary cost like that.

Disaster recovery infra :