What are the Core AI capabilities of Clipboard AI?

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What are the core AI capabilities of Clipboard AI?
I want to submit a report/analysis document on Clipboard AI? What is the Governance model/Security approach?

Please help on the above information as I didn’t find it on UiPath documentation.


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Please check this


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Let’s go one by one

Clipboard AI uses a variety of AI techniques to automate the process of extracting and analyzing data from documents. Some of the core AI capabilities of Clipboard AI include these below points,

Optical character recognition (OCR): Clipboard AI uses OCR to extract text from scanned documents and images.

Natural language processing (NLP):
Clipboard AI uses NLP to understand the meaning of the text that it extracts from documents.

Machine learning (ML):
It uses ML to train models that can identify and extract specific types of data from documents.

Clipboard AI is governed by a set of policies and procedures that are designed to protect customer data. These policies and procedures are based on best practices for data security and privacy.

It also uses a variety of security measures to protect customer data, including

All customer data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Access control:
Only authorized users have access to customer data.

When customers use Clipboard AI, their data is encrypted at rest in the UiPath cloud platform. This means that the data is encrypted when it is stored in the cloud. Clipboard AI also encrypts data in transit, which means that the data is encrypted when it is being transmitted between the customer’s device and the UiPath cloud platform.

For this

And this document has got all the details you want

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@Palaniyappan @Anil_G

Thanks for sharing information.

Please help me with below information as well.

For Clipboard AI, How the Pricing information ?
Can we incorporate the clipboard AI into UiPath Studio.?
Can we use Clipboard AI without human intervention (unattended automation)?

When I am using Clipboard AI, it is asking to click on Next for every record? is it possible to use it as unattended mode?


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Clipboard AI is still in beta. Pricing information for Clipboard AI is not yet disclosed and announced.
Will get soon

Clipboard AI is a standalone application. It is not yet integrated with UiPath Studio.
As I mentioned earlier you can expect some activities in future

For now atleast we need human support
But once if the integration with studio is announced we can run that bot in unattended mode

Being in attended mode you will need to click on Next for every record. This is because the Clipboard AI activity needs user input to identify and extract specific types of data from the document.

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As of now complete pricing is not disclosed

Clipboard AI is more for human usage only and not for unattended. As one issue might be that in unattended we cannot specify where to identify or make it work as well…lets hope in future versions we can get that…but as of now its a tool for humans to use

As mentioned currently its for attended or use with humans only…and after very record it is mandatory to click on next as it works in luie with humans

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Let us know if u have any other clarification @Latika10011740

Thank you for quick responses. Really helpful.

Can I get any Business use cases on clipboard AI and also What are the implication on developer machines with Clipboard AI?


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There are many uses
Something that I collected earlier

Invoice processing:

Clipboard AI can automate the process of extracting data from invoices, such as vendor names, invoice dates, and total amounts, and input them into accounting systems.

HR processes:

Clipboard AI can extract data from resumes and job applications, such as candidate names, contact information, and work experience, and transfer them into HR systems.

Customer support:

Clipboard AI can be used to extract customer information from support tickets and emails, and then route the tickets to the appropriate support team.


Clipboard AI can be used to extract contact information from leads and prospects, and then add them to the company’s CRM system.


Clipboard AI can be used to extract data from social media posts and customer reviews, and then use that data to improve marketing campaigns.

Improved productivity:

Clipboard AI can help developers to save time by automating the process of copying and pasting data.

Reduced errors:

Clipboard AI can help to reduce errors by ensuring that data is copied and pasted accurately.

Increased security:

Clipboard AI can help to improve security by encrypting data at rest and in transit.

Hope this helps

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