What are the components we do setup for DU on VM?

I s there any setup for Document understanding on VM mode

Hello @Soundarya_Guduri
Refer to this thread, it may helps you


If you want to setup on prem AI center then you need a setup but if you want to consume du in your robots no separate setup is needed


In UiPath, Document Understanding is a set of capabilities that enables you to extract structured data from unstructured documents such as invoices, contracts, and statements. To set up Document Understanding on a virtual machine (VM), you will need to do the following:

  1. Install UiPath Studio: UiPath Studio is a tool that allows you to design, build, and debug automation projects. You can download and install it from the UiPath website.
  2. Install the UiPath Document Understanding Package: This package contains a set of activities and machine learning models that you can use to extract data from documents. You can install it from the Package Manager in UiPath Studio.
  3. Configure the UiPath Document Understanding Package: After installing the package, you will need to configure it by specifying the location of the machine learning models and other required settings. This can be done through the UiPath Document Understanding Configuration tool.
  4. Train machine learning models: To extract data from documents, you will need to train machine learning models using sample documents and the data you want to extract. You can use the UiPath Document Understanding Training tool to do this.
  5. Build and debug your automation project: Once you have installed and configured the necessary components, you can use UiPath Studio to design and build your automation project. You can use the debugging tools in UiPath Studio to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Overall, setting up Document Understanding on a VM requires installing and configuring the necessary software, training machine learning models, and building and debugging your automation project.

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