What are some of the more impressive features that cause clients to ooooh and awwww?

I am working on putting together material for a demo of what RPA can do. What are the things the clients seem to like the most in your business setting. If you do not mind what business are you in as well…banking,data,ect…

I will start by saying

  1. creating .pdf files and emailing them is always a big win, as a lot of office people hate trying to figure out formatting ect.

  2. Having the bot text a client and have them reply to the text to make the bot do something.

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Hi @LeftBrainCo

For your demo, make sure you add some good automation videos/ demonstrations. Would be best to have a demo’s that are done in your client’s domain. That will be a big hit as they know the domain. Videos or demos would be the best way.

Do some research on what sort of automations you can do in each domain. I did a research recently for the banking domain to prepare a demo for a potential client. Based on good scenarios, we can prepare a automation of some sample application.

I have been I different domains as a engineer. Banking, finance, software and market research and have done research based on client domains


Sound advice!

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