What are anchors

Hi Everyone,
I m learning my first RPA tool. While trying to record a series of actions through basic recorder I am encountered with Anchor window what is this?

When repeated the same recording with Desktop method and Start App way, its asking for the arguments and once I enter anything, the recording session is being exited.

Please suggest.

Hi @poornimas,
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Please check out out Academy where you may find “LVL1 - Foundation Training”. There is a part where anchors are explained nicely :slight_smile:

Hi Pablito,

I have just started on Recording session. While practising the session I got this anchor windows being popped up. While the faculty didnt face that while displaying them.

Please suggest,


For the basic scrapping like table, simle text etc. you can skip anchor question. Anchor is used as a relation between two elements. If you want to get some data based on other data next to it. You can check more about it in mentioned LVL1 training in PDF section:

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