What am I missing here? (Email Save Attachments question)

Hi. I just finished the Email portion of the training, and one of the questions I got wrong has me confused. I believe that my answers were all correct, but I got the question wrong, and it indicates that one of my choices was not correct.

I created an image that shows the details. Can anyone explain to me why I got this wrong? I must be misunderstanding something…

Thank you for your help with this. I really want to understand how this works.


Hi Kenny,

Not able to view the image you have posted, please check.

Hi @kray257 I think the question was intended to save an attachment in a physical location from where you can check for the attachment but for the option In a variable you can store it as a collection of attachment objects which means you can use this option when you want to attach the same attachment in a new email or you are backing up the data in a physical location relative or absolute by passing the variable each time.

As per my understanding!

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The link to the image is: Dropbox - File Deleted