What all things are required to start my career in UiPath as RPA developer?


I want to be RPA developer in UiPath. I have completed my UiPath Foundation training and got certification after clearing exam.
I have total 7 years of experience in IT. As I can see there is no much room to groom in my domain, I want to switch my career to RPA development but actually don’t have any hands on experience and not getting any opportunity to work on any live project.
My basic queries are:

  1. What all things are required to crack an interview apart from basic knowledge of UiPath
  2. List of basic questions that are asked in UiPath interview
  3. Is it necessary to have .net experience. I have basic experience in JAVA and C++
  4. Are there any Live projects on which I can work on to gain experience

Please guide me in right direction as I am unable to get in touch with any UiPath expert who can provide right guidance to me.

Thanks in Advance!!

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Interviewer will see your approach to the process for RPA it is very much required to understand the process and think to wards the solution.

Activities and their Properties, Exception handling, Orchestrator, and your approach for scenarios (they will give you a scenario and expect your better and efficient approach).

It’s not required but will be an added advantage.

RPA, it’s very easy to define our own project. if you come across any repetitive tasks at work place you can define own process and arrange the environment. (e.g.: Invoice processing, Collecting Resumes from job portals based on some key words and filtering Resumes, etc.,)

Hope this will help you.