What activities will help do thhis?

can someone tell me how to solve this?

Essentially what I’m trying to do is for each page, select number 2 and click number 3 and apply selection.

and then move to the next page.

I don’t know which activities will do that though


just use 2 singles click activities


Follow the steps.

  1. Drag a while loop… and set the condition to bool_exists a boolean variable…
  2. Now use a element exists and check if next button is present…and output is assigned to bool_exists
  3. use two click activities and perform your clicks 2 and 3 and make sure you do not have any page level attributes…
  4. Next activity would be click on the next button

So the loop runs till no next button is present and repeats the steps for each page


i cant find the “element exists” activity.

Use the check App/State instead



Use check app state from modern activities or go to activities panel-> click on filter icon and select show classic

One more thing to add in fourth step add a if condition with bool_exists…and on then side add the click activity


I dont know how to work with boolean values - all ive done so far is create a variable called bool_exists but i dont know what to set the condition to

i also dont know how to use the check state activity

could you help out giving a bit of a more in detail step by step process


This is how you use check app state

boolean is true or false…

This is how your structure looks