What a Simple Office Toy Taught Me about Humans | UiPath

Over the years, I’ve spotted it sitting on office desks around the world. You probably have, too: the little toy bobbing bird. It dips down to take a sip of water, bobs upright, rocks back and forth, then dips down to take another sip.


If you set it up right, it will do this again and again, repeating the same task.


Day in, day out.


It always made me smile, until the day I noticed that many of the people in those offices were doing the exact same thing. Stuck performing the same repetitive work tasks over and over.


Day in, day out.


Then I didn’t find it so cute. In business, we all want the same thing for ourselves and our coworkers: the freedom to take on new challenges, be creative, collaborate, innovate, and achieve more than we thought possible, not to feel like we’re stuck in a repetitive loop.

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