We're updating the Studio toolbar - feedback?



We’re updating Studio’s toolbar/ribbon, along with other panes, and we’re interested in your opinion.

Is there anything you’d like added to it, or is there something you don’t really use?

For example, we’ll probably remove the two Variable icons and the whole Setup tab too.
Maybe copy/paste/cut too?



Can;t think of any right now, so bumped. Probably “Open Orchestrator” option from studio.

Also, Night Mode - if at all you are planning this version.



Can you add an Undo button to the Edit selection?


We can, probably more useful than copy/paste


I have a couple suggestions:

1). have a print option to save the workflow as an image or PDF. Right now you have to right click–>save as image. I have to do this often for use in the design spec documents & it’s not in an obvious place.

2). A settings page within studio. This would have things that are already in the %localappdata%\Uipath\UiStudio.settings file. However, it’d be nice to have a GUI to edit things rather than using a text editor to change the .settings file manually. That way it’s easier for users to see things like Default Directory, AutoSave Interval, Show Recent Activities, Show Favorite Activities, etc.


Is it possible to have a button to automatically connect all the activities?
The default could be from top to bottom.


●Key map setting
●Manage Credentials
●On/Off UiPath Service
●Start UiRobot
●create folder function in Project pan


Add a controller to adjust common attributes of a set/all selected activities. Things like Delayb4, DelayAfter, TimeoutMS


Add shortcut to view variable data (live) while running the robo (Execute tab)
Add Preferences option to manage Studio settings



One question, presumably if the setup tab is being removed the Publish button is moving to somewhere else?

Also the remove Unreferenced Variables is a useful tool so i’d love to see this stay.

+1 for Turning the uipath service on/off (to allow rapid connection/disconnection to orchestrator)
+1 for printing the workflow to a default project location.




i have one small suggestion.

Add Shortcuts for Collapse and Expand for single activity like sequence, for each,If etc.,
Because while developing if we use more complex sequence its hard to minimize.




A publish locally/configurable feed (to move to different environment) would be great!



Hey @Cosin

I am agree on some points with @tomy

This feature will be more good to create folders from pane will be more interactive I know we can create and its not that much impactful but while working to create folders manually in the project instead from Studio is look a bit awful sometimes.

Yeah it will be good for beginner user when sometimes they are not able to locate well specially with latest version under user session and different app version than it will be more handy if the shortcut will lead to the currently active app version UIRobot.exe shortcut to start.

Orchestrator Connected / Disconnect status ?



+∞ to Settings within Studio. This is long overdue and UiStudio is I think the only application I’m using on a regular basis that doesn’t have it.

Shortcut to robot settings (or a variant of it).

Expandable button for Open Logs (similar to Save), default being the same (open logs location), options being Open Current Execution logs (that’s 90% of the time you’d want to go there), Open Studio logs.

License info on the Start->Help would be nice as well (license type, expiry dates).


Yeah Will be useful and if it will be inside studio as well that way also it will be good to click on that a prompt with details like what we get after running RegUtil.exe :slight_smile:


  • A way to view all variables in all scopes or view the variables within a specific scope.
    Sometimes there are variables that you don’t know which scope they are located in

  • A way to change the Project settings (Name, Main, Description, etc)
    I believe currently you must close the project and edit the .json file

  • A way to edit the Workflow settings (mainly the Main Sequence / Flow Chart name)
    Only advanced users know how to change the name of a sequence after it has been created by editing the .xaml in Notepad.
    —EDIT: I’m an idiot, you can rename your workflow Name in the Properties pane already.—

  • Maybe Alt-key shortcuts for all options on the ribbon, like you see in Office

Sidenote: It’d be cool if there was a way to flip your sequence from a sequence to a flow chart or from a flow chart to a sequence.

Just a few things I thought of.


For the ribbon: it would be great to have a possibility to “run to breakpoint”: it would execute the solution full speed until the breakpoint reached and after then debugging can do as now we do.

Not really for the Ribbon rather for the Activities tool window: it would be great to show the favorite activities as icons/buttons only on a panel (like userform controls in Excel VBA or similar like in visual studio). And in case of typing into search field, this panel would remain there showing all items we added to it - not only those which starts with the typed text.


Pretty useful stuff! Keep them coming, soon(ish) we’ll post updates with the new layout and look


Add gridlines to workspace and some kind of “align to grid” or automatic realign button to avoid things like this: