Welcome to the new UiPath Cloud Platform

Dear forum Members,

today I received an email with the following content:


Thank you for using UiPath Platform Community Edition in your continuing automation journey.

We are evolving together and today UiPath is excited to announce that UiPath Platform Community Edition was migrated and rebranded to a new and improved version, UiPath Cloud Platform.

We hope you enjoy the new cloud experience, which you can start by clicking on the Login button below or by using the following link: https://cloud.uipath.com

Social logins (Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn) are enabled for easier access. If your email account does not support it, you can use forgot password to continue with basic authentication.

Is this a legitimate email or a scam?


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It is a legitimate email.
I have already using the cloud platform.

Karthik Byggari


Yes its True and Legitimate E-mail. Just try out the new experience of UiPath through Cloud. It is working pretty cool !!!


Does that mean that https://platform.uipath.com will no longer exist?

Even I have the same question. Does this mean https://platform.uipath.com will be void soon? Can someone please clarify?


Till now UIpath didn’t announce anything. Don’t worry they will inform us before doing if they want to do this.

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Thank you for the prompt reply. @lakshman. Appreciate it.

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