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Hey there! I am Francisco from Chile.
I am great at Excel Macros but wanted to create automatations that would go beyond my excel sheets and thats how I landed up here!
For me its like going to outer space!! Looking forward to learn and help as I learn!!


Hi Derek,

Welcome to our community! Feel free to explore the space and let us know if we can help you in any way :slight_smile:

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Hi Sudharshan,

Happy to see you here! Good luck with your exams for the final year :crossed_fingers: . Hope our community space will give you the exact opportunities you are looking for, in your RPA learning path.

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Hi Ioannis,

What a great learning path, you have! Happy, to have you here. Our community is the right space where you can envision your RPA dreams. Keep up updated with your stories & learning initiatives.

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I’m Muhammad Nadeem Abbas, I’m an Associate RPA developer. I’m preparing for UiRPA certification and am here to find resources.

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Hello UiPath Community,

I’m Brahmini, a Junior RPA Developer diving headfirst into this exciting role for the past three months in the UK. The world of Robotic Process Automation has quickly become my passion and playground.

Navigating this journey as a solo developer and newcomer has its challenges, but I’m embracing each hurdle as a chance to learn and improve. Without the guidance of a senior developer, I’ve turned to the UiPath forum to make the most of this vibrant community.

I’m eager to connect with fellow automation enthusiasts and seek guidance where needed. Thank you for having me, and I’m excited for the road ahead!


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My name is Nadir Lubbad I am preparing for UiPath certification. So joined this forum for new learnings and if any support required. Thanks

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Hello everyone,
I’m relatively new to UiPath but I’ve been growing into an RPA role at my company through my passion for all things automation.
I do home automation in my spare time and been working towards certifications in MPP (e. Microsoft Power Platform).
I’m currently enrolled in an UNI that had a class utilizing UiPath and as it just so happens my job allows me to seek training and gives me an opportunity to utilize it for my work as well, so except to see more from me on here as I keep digging and getting familiar with this wonderful software.
I’m in Business process solutions, finance being my area of expertise.
Looking forward to interact with y’all

Thanks for your kind words. i am new at RPA, i am trying to switch my career from network infrastructure, i am currently working at Americana Group as a infrastructure section head.

I need to know how to create a unicorn name for more than one name.
the example shows how to create a unicorn name for only one user.
do I have to create an automation for every cell in the excel cheat? or there is a way to make it automatic for all cells at once.

Hello World!
My name is Vishnu, I am from India

I joined the UiCommunity to learn more about RPA.

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Welcome, happy to have you here, :white_heart:.

Hi @Brahmini_Angalakurthi , so happy to have you here. Feel free to explore the community ecosystem :uipath:.

Hi @nadir.lubbad happy to have you in our community! Here you can discover more information and seek assistance regarding certifications. Thank you :uipath: .

Hello and welcome to the UiPath community @OGunnarsson. It’s fantastic to hear about your journey into the world of RPA and automation. Feel free to share your experiences and insights as you continue to explore this wonderful journey. Welcome aboard, and we can’t wait to interact with you further! :blush::robot::rocket:

You’re very welcome @mohamed.saty2012

It’s great to hear that you’re considering a career transition from network infrastructure to RPA. It can be an exciting and rewarding change, and all the UiPath Community is here to support you on your journey. Our willingness to embrace new opportunities is commendable, and we wish you the best of luck as you embark on this new chapter in your career! :blush::robot: :uipath:

Hello @mohamed.saty2012

Creating unicorn names for multiple names in an Excel sheet can certainly be automated to save you time and effort. You don’t need to create a separate automation for each cell; you can achieve this in a more efficient way.

You can use UiPath’s Excel activities to read all the names from your Excel sheet, generate unicorn names for each one, and then write the unicorn names back to the Excel sheet in a new column.

Feel free to post this question in the Help category and someone from our community will be able to support you.

Good luck with your automation project! :unicorn:

Hello Vishnu,

Welcome to the UiPath Community! It’s a pleasure to have you here.

Learning about RPA is a fantastic journey, and you’ve come to the right place to explore and expand your knowledge. We look forward to your active participation and contributions to our community. :blush::robot::star2:

Thanks for your kind word, can you please show me where can i post my question.
it would be very kind of you.