Weird error after logging on/off a back office robot

We have a very strange issue/error occurring within one of our workflows.

The workflow runs on a BOR and includes some logic that uses a networked printer to generate a PDF from within a Lotus Notes application (press ctrl-P in Notes app with the networked printer as a default).

As a general rule, the BOR functions perfectly UNTIL someone remotes into the BOR to observe it. As soon as they disconnect from the server (stop watching), every time ctrl-p is pressed from within Notes, a “no printers currently selected” errors. It continues to do this UNTIL either:

  1. the workflow is stopped and restarted, or

  2. a user logs back into the BOR to “observe” the workflow again… in which case it once again works flawlessly.

I realize this is weird and a total long shot, but anyone ever see anything like this? Thoughts on what to look for?

We are running version 2016.2. Thanks.