Week 4 - Solve Industry Use Cases - Handling Patient Information

In this Use Case, you combined quite a lot of automation techniques:

  • You used data extraction to extract URLs, and then you had the robot download multiple files.
  • You used data from the downloaded files to populate a Word template that you later used in an email body.
  • You used data from a downloaded file to populate the fields of an app.
  • You used a wildcard to replace a set of characters from an URL

How useful did you find these practices, and what will you use in your own task automation projects?

It was fun doing these exercises, but I found the first two - Inventory and Reconciliation ones more realistic.

From a practice perspective the healthcare one was the most challenging one, but I do not think any real life place in this day and age will have this cumbersome of a manual process in place.

Still, was fun combining Recorder, Data Extraction, Word, Excel, Outlook activities along with looping and conditional statements.

I made a couple of mistakes in the first part of the exercise. At first, I wasn’t getting the URL but the text only. Then I was using the right command “go to URL” but since there was no URL, no downloads were happening. I noticed there is no timeout or maybe there is but I just stopped the process. By testing the extract, I noticed there was no URL. Then I fixed it and it worked smoothly. For the second part, I found it very straightforward. Really cool.

Hi! I´m receiving the following error:

I only extracted the column related to “File” but marking it as an URL, and preview from extraction seems ok:

Is it required any special format in Scratchpad sheet?


Hi, I got an error in National Insurance Planning tool Exercise, While filling ‘Procedure Description’ field,
‘Diagnostic procedures on bone, not elsewhere classified, scapula, clavicle, and thorax [ribs and sternum]’

There is a Special Key error. How to identify and fix this?

What a relief that the last exercise was achievable in a blink. The first Healthcare was very challenging I have found. Great that the solution was provided :slight_smile:

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i have a problem with the first task, with the appointments. With the extraction activity, i also get the header and then the download activity tries to download the header, how can i delete it or ignore it in the extraction activity?

I have to agree completely to Loic. The Problem on the first one was also that only the filename and not the link was written in the scratchpad. So I had to look how was it made in the solution, then it worked.

I don’t understand the action of copying the CSV data into the template. Why can’t you just do Excel for Each Row on the original downloaded file…?

For my purposes, the data extraction toll was the most useful. The wildcard feature is also helpful for a variety of activities.

I’m having this problem too. I had to put in a message box after the extraction activity so I could pause the task & delete the headers in the first row, but nothing like this is shown in the Solution.

I think these practices were very interesting. I am sure we will use everything we learned

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I am glad I completed all the exercises. The first two were more challenging for me.

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Had the same problem. When extracting do not cross the header marks and leave the fields blank.
Cross out header row when performing excel for each row. Although you mention that the file has headers rows, the first name URL is the header. This seems an error to me. So extracting without header row helped me.

Hello, I’ve got the same error, does anyone know how to remove the headers from Extract Data Table?

How to extract the data without headers? were is the option?

I am having an issue with the data tables not being inserted into the word document and my resulting e-mail has no data fields. I have tried inserting both the sheet and the specific cells. Is this a problem with my word program? I cannot seem to fix it, yet the project runs successfully. Help?

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To resolve this issue I used “Custom Imput” command and selected specific Column.

Please see bellow.

I hope to support you.

Thanks, José Arthur :slight_smile:

Hi, I had the same issue, I’ve added step which remove the headers

Yes, that’s what I had to do as well. I can’t see any option for how to extract the data without the headers. When I try to leave the fields blank I get an error message.