Week 4 - Continue Your Learning Journey

There were 4 weeks of hard work with a lot of challenges, mistakes and revelations.
It was hard but in the end I have the satisfaction of my work, of my abilities developed during this course including to be able to understand a “robot path”.
Thank you for these journey. Certainly I will look forward to learn more !

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Really glad I signed up for this class and will share with others. This class definitely turned on the thinking light bulb for me and and has me thinking of the things I’d like to automate. I really want to automate some tedious tasks in particular copying data for one application and pasting into excel in the correct format. This will save a lot of time.

Great class! 2 thumbs up! :+1: :+1:

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Yay! I reached the finish line. It was a rewarding and challenging experience. The course was well structured and really showed the capabilities of the platform. Looking forward to explore more on the developer path and the business analyst path.

Thank you for putting this together!


I was impressed from learning process. It was great. I think that RPA platform is unique.
I hesitate at the moment I think to continue with RPA developer foundation or RPA Business Analyst. I 'd like to combine my experience in PM, BI and sales.
Thank RPA team. You are great.

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Good learning curve at the end.

This was such a well organized, fun, and satisfying online course. Upon completing each exercise, from the very first one to the last, and just about all of them in between, I could imagine so many things that I could automate that would lighten my load - or someone else’s. It was also comforting to know that when an exercise was particularly challenging, the solution was available to review and compare, as well as office hours, webinars, and even the collaborative support experience of the forum.

I am the Business Analyst for the Business Automation department at my company, and although I have many ideas of projects to automate with Studio X, this course has given me some new insight into reviewing our more complex RPA opportunities (that will require Studio); it will also help me better prepare our UiPath RPA Developers for upcoming projects by providing them with detailed RobotPath documentation. I’ve learned so much just from reviewing the RobotPath diagrams that were included for each of the exercises.

This course was so convenient and complete - Thank you UiPath team. :grinning:


I was not able to finish and like to know how long the course material will be available? I still have week 4 to do.

I believe they said they are extending access until the end of this month - 5/31… @Bianca.Dragu can you confirm?

The Learning Materials will be available post 31st of May! :smiley:

Finally finally… completed.
Being honest, still I feel like that I have learned how to drive a car by book :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I will think how to use this to my work, how to develop my skills for it slowly.
Thank you for providing good learning. :slight_smile:

Stay safe everyone!

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I really enjoyed the program. Very well structured. The topics were great selected. I learn so many things about automation. Looking forward for the next journey. Thank you.

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It couldnt have got better than this. I am a Studio Foundation developer, but learning and explorign StudioX was Automating with Fun. Delighted to be a part of community. Thank you @Uipath for Reboot skills - for me it was actually a Reboot.

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Guys, I finally made it. And I am happy! :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:
After registering for the course I had to jump into the preparation of 2 very challenging exams that were due when most of you were already in the 4th week. So, it’s been such a blessing to have the training availability extended till tomorrow, because I could actually do it (a bit fast forward, but it’s ok :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: )
Thank you Uipath for this training and for the opportunity to continue with other training as well!

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Hi Guys I have just completed today how do I receive my Dimploma ? cs I understood we have till today or Am i Late…I Completed all but the Dimploma of completion shows locked @Bianca.Dragu

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Thank you very much for this exciting and well structured program. Like all of us, I learnt a lot and enjoyed a lot too.

Thank you very much. Exciting program and well laid out. Some of the practices were really challenging. I learnt a lot and will continue my journey to learn more.

I would like to pursue RPA Solution Architect path. Any suggestions?

I was impressed from learning process. It was great. this a first time when i was learn about the automation
Thank RPA team. You are great.

Thank you so much for providing this learning experience. I was very much coming at this as a novice and didn’t find out about the programme until 1 week after it started (and lost much of the 2nd week with various configuration issues). Nevertheless, I continued to stick with it and, despite it now being 6 days after the extended deadline I have completed the course.

This was extremely well put together with good engaging learning and tough exercises throughout. I would have struggled w/o the worked examples and the tips and tricks shared in these forums (so I must that everyone here for their thoughts and help too).

I have a background in helping to provide business solutions, but also in project management and so for me I intend to continue along the learning journey and following the recommended training provided by this fabulous UIPath team.

I should add that it was my EVP of Operations who suggested the course. This makes me think how lucky I am to be in an organisation that values RPA so highly.

Huge thanks to one and all from the lanterne rouge of this class!

PS The Certificate of Completion is locked. Any chance I could have one (pretty please?)

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Thanks for the certificate. Just need to get a frame for it and I’ll be a happy bunny