Week 3 - Manage, Engage, and Measure your Automation Projects

While things like UIPath Action Center and UIPath Insight sound interesting at an abstract level, it would have been useful to look at some real applications rather than generic marketing videos. Same goes for other upstream tools that were described for process discovery.

I liked the idea of UIPath as a tool to automate mundane repetitive tasks, but with Action Center and Insight, it seems the idea is to take on more traditional BPM and Analytics tools. It will be interesting to see if UIPath can also work with other existing BPM tools in the enterprise.

Looking forward to next week’s material!


I found this week very challenging, for sure! I found myself investigating and researching a lot, to get the appropriate configurations for the Orchestrator to work. If the Manage, Engage and Measure section occurred before the Building End-to-End Automation, it may have made more sense.

Great course, tho. Really good hands-on experience.

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Fascinating the robotization life cycle through UiPath, this program was introductory but with fundamentals and key concepts that will allow me to explore in depth the different functionalities, tools and components that UiPath offers to successfully carry out RPA projects.
The objectives are to continue developing projects in StudioX and Studio, and free them to production scenarios and be able to cover all the stages proposed by the automation life cycle ofUiPath.

Totally agree. I would love to see an example from a real-life scenario

Hi, here is one example that I find quite interesting.


Hello everyone!!! In my opinion, this course is good for learning the basics. My next step, will be learning about the roles: RPA business analyst and RPA developer.

Thanks for sharing. Very cool!

It was a great week, learned a lot of new things. Loved the web-scraping exercise. Didn’t like the VLookup so much but it was a good learning milestone. I have a few ideas of personal projects I want to automate. I’m looking forward to the 4th and final week.

I already have a project in mind that will require some critical thinking since it will involve applications we have not touched on in this training. This training will definitely help with that build.

After this Reboot Your Skills program, I plan to complete 1) the RPA Starter course to see if/how it overlaps with this Reboot course, 2) the Business Analyst course, and 3) the StudioX Insights course. After that, I should hopefully have enough background to teach RPA to our accounting students. My focus will be on the Discover, Build, and Run stages for myself and for my students. Later on, I would like to explore the functionality of Studio because I have a little (though long unused) knowledge of coding.

Good thus far. On a side note I noticed that on my Learning Path the Diploma of Completion was available, so out of interest I clicked on download and I was able to get the Diploma Completion even though i had just started Week 3. @Uipath is this a glitch in the learning system or is there a minimum percentage that needs to be complete to get the Diploma?

Didn’t think can go so far, wow is a great robot!

At this point I already have a robot that helps me save a lot of time with my work and I have more ideas, but for that I will need to learn more. There are things that this course didn’t teach us, like reading an image or pdf.

This has been an excellent course. Thank you! I know that I will want to go on to learn Studio as well so that I can read and edit other people’s work, as well as create things myself where it’s not possible in Studio X. I have two questions if anyone’s available to answer?

  • I’m interested to know how common it is to work across both tools? It’s so easy to automate processes using Studio X, I can see myself starting something with this and only using Studio if I can’t do it in Studio X. Is that a sensible approach?

  • Is there a course that would complement this one but with a focus on Studio?

Many thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi, Need to know, if any Studio X program is published and if it consist of some excel input how it can be implement by others by running BOT ?

Got to know more about RPA Life cycle.

Looking forward for detail session’s on same

Had a slow start. But loved every bit of it. Amazing!
Excited to learn and Automate in Studio.

Same here, I had a slow start too. Better late than never!
It was an amazing course!

Love UiPath Insights!

I see a lot of potential here from what I’ve learnt already. Although I would like to build more robots myself, I see greater scope in the management of automations from a personal perspective. Have really enjoyed the course so far.