Week 3 - Building an End-to-end Automation

@josue.martinez - what type of triggers do you have in mind?

can we use robots i mean uipath assistant

Same Question for me. How to delete?

I published the Books Report project and started to run it, but as it was running I saw that it was reusing the previously updated Excel spreadsheet… I stopped the process and deleted the package from the folder (C: ProgramData>UiPath>Packages). It disappeared instantly from the UiPath Assistant window.

Then I revised the workflow to include a Copy File action so the process would start with an unused workbook. I republished the project and it created Version: 1.0.2.

I reran the project without issues.

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I deleted the package from the folder (C: ProgramData>UiPath>Packages) and it was removed from the UiPath Assistant Process List window immediately. Then I updated the project, republished it and and ran it again without any issues.

I actually deleted, created new versions, and reran it successfully multiple times - so I think deleting it from the Packages folder is the proper way to handle it.

Thanks Ann_Bell! I’ll try the same thing J

Hello, I published the Currency Converter

I have published the project!

Hmm, do you guys know if is possible to schedule a process not by date but by receiving an email? :face_with_monocle:

published and used the unicorn name example

I´ve already published my project working with the recorder!

I’ve published my Excel Automation!

Great Topic!

Is UiPath Insights part of the Community Learners’ Plan?

I pubished the RPA Challenge. This was quite simply the most exciting work-related thing I’ve done all year!

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Same happens to me. Assistant is offline and can’t seem to connect it to Orquestrator. It asks me for a service url or a machine key???