Week 3 - Building an End-to-end Automation

With the Community License, you have access to 2 Attended Robots. How do you plan on using them? What project did you publish?

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How to create a robot to run the process/package published.

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I understand that the only way to program a robot to run at a specific time is with the orchestrator! but if i want it to be executed when triggering some event is it possible?

Looking forward to know more about running the RPAs, either in a attended or unattended modes.

How do I access the UiPath Assistant?

I have published the project. Package created. what next?
where to access the UiPath Assistant? Sorry not really clear on it.
It is very useful if have a video to demonstrate the step.


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You can access it by typing “UiPath Assistant” into the search box.

The assistant is also in the installation directory for Studio, which for Community is in the local AppData folder: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-20.4.0\UiPathAssistant

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At the moment I published the project of working with excel files to follow the instructions of the training program; But I intend to use the licenses for the robots attended and neglected for the development of robots that are related to my professional practice.

I have a question with the reminder functionnality
Its written in the lesson : “Last but not least, the Reminder widget enables you to specify a time or period in which a selected process is executed.”
But for me the assistant do not launch the process but open just a popup for the end user to execute it.
Is there any possibility to really execute the process without user aciton ?

Publish to shows Robot Defaults… Is this correct?

It says, awaiting install…Is this correct?

Published the project!

Published the Books Sales report practice

It should be installed on your PC, you can search for it in the Start menu

Hi, I’ve got a quick question. I’ve just published a project, opened up the UiPath Assistant. So far, it seems to be “Offline” (is this the correct status?). I can’t figure out how to attach the published file into the assistant (drag and drop seems not to work). Any ideas? Thanks!

I have published the project and tested too and its working fine but now if i want to delete the published project from process list from UI Assistance should i delete from Default package folder or is there any other way around ?

search on your computer start area. Also asistant installed with StudioX. Open the asistant after that refresh the process list. Asistant will show the published project. Afterwards double click the project :wink:

I published the Unicorn Name project just to see how it is done. I will probably use my two allocated attended bots for 1) Student Perception of Teaching (SPOT) scores scraping (student evaluations of faculty on a public website that are compared within academic departments) and 2) an analysis of grades by course section that is compared using multiple filters and formulas with a deliverable sent to the Department Chair. Thank you for the new tool to help organize and process data!

Project Published!