Week 2: Working with Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a great software to connect and stay organized with your email, calendar, and contacts. It is also prone to clutter or to get spammed by that group email someone keeps replying to.

How would you use Outlook automation in your context?

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Hi everyone !!! Exercise finished. I think, that Outlook automation can be useful for departments like Customer Service or Technical Support. These receive requests everyday by mail.


Done with the project. Had a problem - got ‘Call was rejected by callee’ but then I put a delay and also closed all open word documents before running,

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Done the assignment, also I added the "File/Folder exists " check for Emails folder and also for files in the folder , that helps me in testing.

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Done. Made also some Outputs to check if all runs as expected

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Remote Server returned ‘550 5.0.350 Remote server returned an error → 553 <____@hotmail.com> Invalid Sender address’

Is this error expected?

The functionality of Outlook is very versatile and allows you to automate tasks and workflows in different contexts. For example, the correspondence area receives emails from different stakeholders of the organization, by the email accounts of the senders it could automatically organize and distribute the emails to their final recipients within the organization, or it could send them to shared caroetas in the same outlook to facilitate its later distribution.

A question: For outlook, the actions for organize or perform actions over emails, are for running once, every time I want to organize email, or can be executed every time a email arrives, just like the outlook’s email rules?

Pretty cool exercise to fire up emails to lot’s of people.

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We can send also calendar invitation for concrete date. Great.

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This Outlook Automation can be very helpful in our organization where we invite many people to different events. I also liked the exercise where we used the bot to download attachments.

I struggled my way through the Practice exercise and needed the solution to help me along the way. I get confused with Current File, Current Row and knowing when to select those or just from Excel…and I need to remember that the file locations that I’m using are different from the solution.

What this code is ? string.Format(“{0}.docx”, CurrentRow.ByField(“”))

@Emad_Alhassan You are using Studio instead of StudioX , Try switching the profile, you wont be able to see the codes in studiox.

Done!!! Good example to send formatted emails to a collection of people stored in an spreadsheet.
Wish you all have a wonderful weekend.

What´s next to come? :slight_smile:

Good practice exercise, quite useful for cases where meetings/webinars/trainings are organized.