Week 2: Working with Outlook

What´s next to come? :slight_smile:

Good practice exercise, quite useful for cases where meetings/webinars/trainings are organized.

nice exercise to finish of week 2

Done ready for the week 3

There is a little mistake here

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3 posts were split to a new topic: I faced issue in Replace text activity

Thanks for spotting it!

Hi, I am currently doing the Creating a Digital Assistant. But was greeted with this error when I run.


WordFile corrupted?

I re-run again, but only one file is missing. Adria_Williams_Monday I already checked in the folder there is no such file existing.

This was a great activity, it sucks that I do not use Outlook. I was able to follow along with the demo and open the files for understanding. I nailed the testing associated with this lesson.

I absolutely agree. I could see several uses my company’s Customer Service and Tech Support, and also Marketing…

Is it possible to search for one of 25 possible strings within an email subject heading and if there is a match, to use that string as part of a folder path to store the attachment files?

Done! great exercise a lot simpler than I thought. This time without knowing why my Outlook worked and recognized my account!!

One thing that I found useful in reducing clicks when creating similar activities with similar variables is to use the advance editor to copy variables from one action to the other.

Then copy and past the text to another activity. This way you don’t have to click multiple times on the Excel Current row time and time again.

Hi, After implementing Digital Assistant task, now i can try to explore rest of other Outlook actions.

I was practicing for the “Digital Assistant” and when I tried to execute the program. I ended up with the below error message. Kindly help on this

I use the Exchange version of Outlook, so I could not do the exercise. I do not have high-volume, repetitive email tasks anyway, so I would not need Outlook RPA. However, I did get an idea from the Use a Word Document feature shown on one of the quiz questions. Each year, I do send some emails for the same purpose to about a dozen people (for scholarships/awards events/data gathering/etc). Now, I copy the email from last year, change the relevant information, and then send for this year. Although I could not use RPA to send the emails, I could use it to create the revised body for the current year - maybe even have an Excel template that stores the new text strings and the bot grabs the information from the Excel file.

i was trying to send text in body. i got stuck and then i look at solution.

Completed Task.

I was able to finish the exercise using robo path document and reviewed solution.

I used the bot which I created to clean up my Outlook folders while on Training.

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