Week 2 - Working with Files and Folders

Some of us have that folder on Desktop where all the files go when Desktop gets too crowded. You might have it too!
How would you integrate what you learned in this Milestone about working with files and folders in your automation projects?

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Exercise done.
I think, working with files and folders are good functionalities. We’ll use it in our automation tasks to tidy the documents, for example.

Did the exercise. Liked it. Good way to organize.

I like how we keep building on top of what we have learned, so we can keep practicing what we know. I’ll explore on how to get files organized by folders based on some acronym naming convention such as the first 2 characters of a file name. Cool!!


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Challenging for me but finally completed it. Great way to comprehend everything we have learned so far and apply it. Thanks!

I plan to use this in a process of my work and thanks to this example I have a pattern to follow

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In StudioX, On moving files and renaming files - the project_Notebook.xlsx is not Saved in runtime for some unidentified reason, when I pass the value to the file sheet in FullFileName_Input . I had to give an additional Save Excel for Project_Notebook as an workaround.

Okay, I’ve been surprised how fast it did the job when I clicked on Execute :sweat_smile:

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it was great exercise, I’ve modified it to clean my desktop:)

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I used [Notes]File!Folder to store the output folder, that kept me from duplicating a lot of code in my switch. Is there any downside to using that field?

For practice should be better to use “Move” to the Trash instead of “Delete”. In case of wrong configuration some users may lost their files. Happily not my case :smile:

Working on doing the same thing :slight_smile:

I just finished this and it worked smoothly… for Where to write, I have just File!FileName… Could this make a difference?

I’m not able to run this one…I saved the Invoices folder to my desktop so I think I also need to change the path on my Project Notebook. Here is what I put in the Designer View

And what I put into the File tabCapture 3

But when I hit run…nothing happens and no error message.

Any suggestions? I’m not tech savvy and would welcome any advice. Thank you.

I am not satisfied with my progress with files and folders. Like hotokaha I find nothing seems to work. I could not even do what was on the video following meticulously each step. Will have to come back later. Even a step by step tutorial did not quite work out.

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For myself, I used the Scratchpad sheet on ProjectNoteBook.
By using string formulas, and named cells, I’ve generated from the target folder “Sorted”, all other path for Pictures, Presentations, etc. in one shot for late usage with “folder exists” test.
By the way, in only one step, all target folder are generated.
At the end, it’s only a trick on ProjectNoteBook cells to retrieve and apply them to the right case.

A bit of complexity when constructing and functionally executing the scenarios but it was achieved with the objective.
The exercise is very complete since it used arrangements (for each), switch and the functionality to copy and move files to different folders.

For some reason, when running the Write Cell activity, FullFileName_Input in the Project_book is not updated, and therefore none of the other cells are updated accordingly. I followed the exact instructions…
Anybody facing the same issue?
Working with Files and Folders|690x422

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