Week 2: Working with Decisions, Iterations and Scenarios

Let’s talk a little bit about more complex tasks where decisions, iterations, and scenarios are needed.

In your own context, how can you see them used? And now that you learned about making your robot take decisions, go through iterations and work in scenarios, do you find RPA more valuable?

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It is not hard when you understand how to do it :slight_smile:


Extremely nice exercise to begin week 2. Very complete and well structured. I had to come with a naming convention using type + name to avoid duplicates, even when I saw the no-overwrite option. Pretty cool!!! I’m getting more and more exited to see what’s coming up next…


One thing I forgot to mention is that I created a second switch case to replace the right picture based on excel column C.

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It was pretty easy. Had fun doing the exercise.

I finished this exercise, quite complete and with the previous examples it was very easy to do it.

Week 2 seems more interesting from exercise point of view, robot for editing resume covers all the activities we went through till date. would love to have more such interactive sessions in upcoming weeks.


Very nice training course ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This was a challenging, but satisfying exercise to finish. I can definitely see many use places where I can use this to simplify daily projects for work.

My main issues were were:

  1. The first time I ran my automation, it ended really quickly, but said “Successful run”, and when I checked the Edited Resumes folder, it was empty. The issue was that I had a capital Y in Need CV… When I corrected it from Need CV equal to Yes to Need CV equal to yes, the automation went a little further…

  2. Then I got an error regarding not being able to find the Alt Text to replace. I followed the steps in the Robot Path diagram Practice - Working with Multiple Templates - Robot Path.pdf (which I really like and find it easy to work from), but in the diagram for the step to replace the Alt Text, it has “Placeholder_picture” instead of “Photo_Placeholder” which is the actual Alt Text in the Resume templates. Once I corrected the text in my Replace Picture action, that error went away and automation went further.

  3. Then I got an error regarding a problem with the Use Word File step, but the bot had already created a new resume in my Edited Resumes folder. So I clicked the Skip Item button in the error message box and it created more resumes. The issue was because the If Condition Need CV was outside of the Switch container. Once I copied the set of If actions and placed them inside of each Switch case, the automation worked perfectly - almost.

  4. When the new Resume documents were created in the Edited Resumes folder, they did not look like they were Word docs. I forgot to add the “.docx” to the end of the filename in the Copy File action (and for the Word file path).

  1. Finally, when I reviewed the final edited resume documents, I noticed a lot of the template text was still there. I imagine this is a learning curve with reading the Robot Path diagram and the broken lines leading from one step to the next probably means to repeat the steps until all of the Excel cells have been used. I went back and added the missing Replace Text actions (to make this quicker, I updated one set and then copied the set to the other switch cases).

and then it ran beautifully - whew!


I don’t understand why some of you used a Switch.
Did I miss something?

Yes, I do not think a switch is the right solution to use since you do not know the names in the resume data sheet. I just did a for loop and used the currentRow variables with replace text activties. But as for getting some practice in on how to build a switch I do not see why not after you got the solution using a for loop.

I had the same issue with capital letter at Yes, after that everything worked just fine. I think after this course everyone found solutions for everyday boring tasks :wink:


Thanks @Ann_Bell Ann_Bell for the comment with “Yes” I did the same, Your post saved me a lot off time to find it!:slight_smile:

The whole curriculum is great though. One silly think that I missed is that the rational behind the link between Cash in with the form and empty Transaction Numbers in Excel. If we anchor it, what will we do for an exact same $ value, say $20 for three different transaction numbers for instance. Account number would not help too, since these expenses might be made by the same person. I mean tying with the transaction time might be an option though, since the same expense can’t be made at the exact same time, including seconds.

A post was split to a new topic: Hi! I strugled a little bit in the Copy File activity. I found myself using the “Text” feature in order to indicate the folder after indicating the “Current row”+specific cell. Is this really how it´s done?

Interesting week so far, enjoyed working on this exercise. Just few thoughts / questions to see how others have done and your views:

I created PDF outputs and didn’t copy templates (with this I noticed that my templates were overwritten
Use Switch for CV types and then one more for Images
For output folder I have to use “Text” option to provide the complete folder location - is this how it suppose to be?

Overall it was an interesting exercise.

Glad it helped :slight_smile:

Nice practical example. Just typing mistake in folder name (Picture instead of Pictures) but after update it works well. Disadvantage of Text Builder is that I can’t choose folder by “+” (to eliminate manual mistake). Am I right?

Text builder

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Bot creates 2 or 3 Word files (proving the code is ok and does what is expected) and after that starts inconsistently showing program errors like Replace text failed or Replace picture failed or error with Use Word file. Seems like not very stable piece of sw…

A post was split to a new topic: I am getting issue with word application I was not able to run it successfully. Error: The message filter indicated that the application is busy. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8001010A (RPC_E_SERVERCALL_RETRYLATER