Week 2 - Organize Desktop

When adding the ‘Switch’ activity to find the file extension - should the values png, pptx, pdf, and xlsx automatically be in the dropdown when Adding a new case? If not, how do you get those to appear? Mine just shows ‘null’ and ‘empty’

From what I know, the Switch values are plain text and are not prepopulated. You can add the cases manually by typing the corresponding file extension.


Hi @christine.polanic - the values can not be prepopulated as the switch activity can be used for many more uses than file extensions - for example a switch can also be used with numbers. So ‘null’ and ‘empty’ are correct in term of being prepopulated

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Thank you! I didn’t realize the field allowed type-in values as it appeared it was only a dropdown. Thanks for confirming.

Hi, Im now at the Organizing Desktop assignment. I use the For Each File in the Folder function and then Switch… However I could only get one file of each type: png, ppt, pdf moved to the new folders. Why is it so? Helppp

Oh my, my bad. I inserted Move File into the If condition.

I moved all the Move File actions out from the If-section but still within Switch’s respective cases. Then the whole thing can work. All the files sorted accordingly.