Week 2 - Method of saving a new file

In an earlier exercise, we filled in a Word document (a CV) and saved it as a PDF. In a more recent exercise, instructions are to copy the file with a new name, then fill in that new file. Why would we not make the changes to the file and save it with a new name as before? The copy exercise seems a duplication of effort. Are there advantages to one approach over the other?

You are right in your assessment.
I think you could also use the Save rather than Save As, then just use a Move File or Rename which would be faster than trying to use the Save As dialogue. EDIT: it also depends on the requirements of the process, like it might need to keep copies for history.

It also depends on how you are opening the file, cause if you download and open directly, it stores the file in a weird temp location. Typically, when you download something, you would want to use the Save As option there, then you already have your new name and in the correct output location.