Week 2: How to Handle Errors

Errors are an important part of the life of anyone building robots and it might seem intimidating at first. How do you approach problem-solving when something doesn’t work on your machine?

Now it’s the time to make full use of the forum. Share your errors, post solutions, help your colleagues who go through the Reboot Your Skills program, and reflect back to all you learned so far.

For any technical question, or to provide ‌feedback, please create a new topic in our Reboot Your Skill category here.


There is solution attached to both - practice and solution. please check and update

I was stuck at first trying to save the Word Doc after modifying. After looking at the solution, i realise it’s so much easier to first copy and rename the file, then modify.

great practice question! took some time to figure out. The flowchart given does not provide all the details.

I found it a bit straight forward except for how to attach the corresponding files to the email. After good 5 min I realized I needed to move the outlook activities inside the for each file in folder. The clue I found is that I wasn’t seeing the Current File Name as an option.


A post was split to a new topic: I got a following error when I try to run or analyze the workflow of both practice and solution (error message from ‘practice’):

I am not sure why in the solution file the Outlook resource and send Email activity was embedded into for each file. This why the trainer get’s one Email per File, so in this case two Emails just because we want to send him two files. This is not correct since the robot path clearly indicates ‘Attach event files’.

In my solution I changed in the send Email activity from attach File to attach Folder and kept Outlook outside the for each file. So the trainer gets only one Email with both files relevant for the event referenced in the subject.


That’s a very nice improvement. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

Although the process diagram does not reach the level of detailing each step and element, it was possible to correct the robot according to the indications.
Tracing or writing lines makes it easier to verify the results obtained partially after executing each step or action, in addition to following best practices (naming the steps, files and making comments) allow for greater structuring and organizational scheme in the project.

Hi, everyone.
What should be the result for events task? There should be 3 folders for months with 3 folders for events inside each of them? I have 9 folders and 9 emails in total. Is it correct?
I am confused as I tried the solution file and it created 3 folders with correct months but inside each of them there is only a folder for Customer service event. Other events which go after blank rows in the excel file are not copied. Excel for each row activity has Stop in emptyrowbehavior. I suppose this is the reason…

I think, in order to skip blank row, you need to go to properties for Activity Excel for each row and change Stop to Skip


Again very nice practise.

Yes, that’s what I did. Thank you :+1:

Excellent practice!!! my fix was only creating the folders for event name “Customer Service” then I realized that in order to create the others I had to change the ForEach activity, property EmptyRowBehavior from Stop to Skip.

Good Practice (Repair my Robot). The Robot Path was very clear and had all the necessary details to understand what the correct behaviour must be. Of course, like the rest, after everything was in place, I missed having the Skip option activated for the EmptyRowBehaviour :slight_smile:

Well, this was certainly a fun one. I do have two problems with the exercise:

  1. Copying only one month folder (April). I don’t know what’s the issue. I have the intrusions just as in the Solution (e.g. [CurrentRow]Month), but the automation is only reading the first month. I found that the issue was in the ‘Create Folder Month’ activity by using the “Run from this activity” option. The solution creates all three folders, but my RPA only creates the first one (again, I checked the solution and everything is “correct”).

  2. After it creates the folder month, I get the following error for the ‘Copy Template Files and Resume them’ activity,

Something went wrong with an Action .
Activity Copy Template Files and Rename them ( Copy File ) failed:
Could not find a part of the path ‘Project Folder\Events\April\Customer Service_London_London\Customer Service_London_18-20 Apr_Diploma_of_Completion.pdf’.

At first, since I have the similar instruction as the Solution, I though I was just having computer problems. But I came back after I finished the lessons of Week 2, and is till get the same issues.

If someone know what’s going on, I appreciate the feedback. Thank you!


Hi @SamV could you please share a screenshot with the Copy Template Files and Rename them activity? I’m interested to see what you used for “From”.


Here’ a screenshot of the activity.

Also, here’s a screenshot of how I have the activities setup, but the automation only creates one folder (the first one for the month of April).

Hi everyone.
Very nice exercise, but could anyone please tell me, is the “Solution” file the final form of this robot, or more corrections have to be done?