Week 1: Tools for Building Automation

I have played around Studio a while back and it’s nice to see the difference between the two tools. I would be interested to learn Studio in a similar fashion to the way this learning program is set up. I think it’s great that Uipath is leading the democratising of RPA as not many other RPA solutions offer something similar.

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Exercise completed, :slight_smile:

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Cool!! I found the keyboard shortcuts more friendly and easy to control!!

I think that Studio is the best tool if you are a programmer and if the future you’ll build complete or complex process.
Otherwise if you are a business user, StudioX makes it easy to build robots for repetitive tasks.

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Using the keyboard shortcut activity helped me complete this! Without knowing that activity existed, the directions were a bit confusing until looking at this forum. Great stuff so far.

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took 3 attempts, an finally did it by using to click actions,1 for right click to open paste option and the other to click for paste option.

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I never could get the right click, left click paste to work, but I was able to do things with shortcuts

Surprisingly, I was able to recreate the exercise in StudioX on the first try.

In the ‘Get Text’ within the Use Application/Browser (Chrome) activity, I chose the ‘Save for Later Use’ option from the drop-down and name it “password”. Then I selected the “password” in both the ‘Application arguments’ and ‘Type Into’ options within the Use Application/Browser (notepad) activity.

I think after being able to work independently with StudioX, the next step would be to learn to work with Studio.

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I would agree - it would be great to have a similar course for Studio!

It was a bit complicated at first, so I’m sticking to studio x until I master the process before moving to studio. What programing language is needed for using studio.

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completed the exercise in the easier way, tried to figure out copy to clipboard way but couldnt make it right… if anyone could provide some guidance. =)

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Done the exercise with Type into activity

Third option: Click on the “Edit” option in the Notepad menu and then shortcut keyboard “P” :slight_smile: (or directly with shortcut keyboard ALT+E+P)

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This was easy :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Prisiyah,

Thank you! Your suggestion worked for me as an alternate solution. I had tried on two different computers but could not get the target to stick after using F2.

After that I used your suggestion of shortcut keys Alt+E+P. I used this with the Type Into activity, Special Keys then “ep”.

By any chance do you know how to use the special keys when have to be pressed at the same time? For example, using the Special key Ctrl and hold it while clicking v to paste.

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