Week 1: Tools for Building Automation

This program concentrates on learning UiPath StudioX. You discovered that processes, which are more complex than tasks, can be automated using UiPath Studio. Also, the programming knowledge level needed is more advanced.

Do you think that, after learning how to use StudioX, you will jump to learning Studio?

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I would like to

The Studio version starts to provide the flexibility that I’ve been looking for. I’m keen to walk through more advanced videos, hopefully adopting more programming concepts.


Sounds awesome, Razvan! After these 4 weeks, we will guide you toward the next steps in your learning journey. If you want to get into automating end-to-end processes rather than task, Studio is indeed the way to go!


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I have the same tough.
It will be really interesting how can i integrate a robot in a process of publishing information between Engineering tools and also how hard it is to work with already build so called adapters that link Engineering tools together. The output cane be very helpful on an quality check step before segregate all the information on a data warehouse database,

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Studio is great! I like the flexibility and variability compared to StudioX. As an aside, I have no coding or RPA experience either! Learning so much already.

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Done the exercise in StudioX but I prefer the Studio app, is more easy to work with if you have some basic programing experience.



Actually, I’ve been learning UiPath Studio for 1 month. I started with learning UiPath Studio instad of StudioX because of very nature of the task I tried to automate.
I made the automation that do Pinterest re-pins for my wife. She tries to promte her Etsy e-shop on Pinteres and she has business Pinterest account. This account has nine boards she need to save first three pins from Other Ideas tab to her each board. Since she decided to do this on daily bacis, I helped her to automate this routine task.
So, as you can see, UiPath can be usefull for home routine automation sometimes)))

Another task I plan to automate soon - is to implement background process syncronizes Viber messenger community and Telegram messenger group. Since Viber Windows agent is very unusuall "roll-over-by-you-own, UiPath UI elements recorder couldn’t recognize UI elements on Viber app window, so, I suggest I have to learn how to use AI OCR UiPath engine for doint this task.

Hope, the information I’ve posed could be interesting for the forum.



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Another step done!, exercise completed in the easy way (Type Into) :wink:

I have played around Studio a while back and it’s nice to see the difference between the two tools. I would be interested to learn Studio in a similar fashion to the way this learning program is set up. I think it’s great that Uipath is leading the democratising of RPA as not many other RPA solutions offer something similar.

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Exercise completed, :slight_smile:

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Cool!! I found the keyboard shortcuts more friendly and easy to control!!

I think that Studio is the best tool if you are a programmer and if the future you’ll build complete or complex process.
Otherwise if you are a business user, StudioX makes it easy to build robots for repetitive tasks.

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