Week 1: Find out what RPA is

Works great!

A post was split to a new topic: I am getting an exception with outlook while sending an email: ‘The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA)’


I’m getting the following error when attempting to send email via Outlook:

Something went wrong with Outlook.
Activity Send Outlook Email (Send Mail X) failed:

We can’t open ‘C:\UiPath\UiPath Reboo…’. It’s possible the file is already open, or you don’t have permission to open it.

To check your permissions, right-click the file folder, then click Properties.

You can find the activity following this path:

Main > Use Excel File > Use Browser Chrome: Find Unicorn Name > Use Outlook Account > Send Outlook Email.

Outlook account: {x:Null}

I think i figured it out… something to do w/ folder permission?

Not that it matters much but at 0:36 into the video for Lesson two: What is RPA? The animation captions read

“So they worked more built more and created
more hate traveled to far-off places”

Just a heads up!

Also - the Outlook exercise worked great.


Combination of fixed text and extract of an excel sheet within a gmail text
I tried to send a mail via gmail by using a fixed text in combination with an extract from an excel sheet. Fixed text: My unicorn name is Extract from excel: Unicorn name in cell c2. It worked as long as I only took either the fixed text or the extract, but not in combination. I used the type into function first for the fixed text and then a second time for the extract. How can one combine both text parts? Thank you for your reply.

It worked as expected and the program is very simple to use. I can see myself setting up various emails to send out as tasks are complete.

Work done!

I finally did it :smiley:

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I am starting week 3 and I’m very excited and learning a lot from this excellent course.
Could you help me with the following questions?:
An interesting example of how to replace values ​​in a Word template is shown in the “RPA in action” video from the topic “What is RPA?” with data from a scanned image.
This is similar to the exercises seen in following topics of replacing values ​​in word templates with data from a Excel file.

My questions are:

  • In this course (I do not know if in future topics), it will be explained or is there an example of how this scenario would be done?, taking data from an image and registering it in a template in word or excel or other?.
  • With the tool we are using for this course (StudioX), can this example be done ?, or do you need to install any additional component?.
    Thank you very much for your attention and collaboration!.
    Edgar G Ospina (Colombia)


I’m working on the “Sign An Email with Your Unicorn Name”.

What do I do in the “Send Outlook Email” box so that I can have a custom text , example, “Hi, My Name is” + my unicorn name + “. Good bye!”

I note that there are no video debrief/solution for this assignment. Where can I go to find out how each resource or action work?

I know it is Week 4 already but I had difficulties logging in and installing the software the past few weeks. It even takes me a week to be able to log in and post for help in this forum.

Yeah, my experience so far is far from stellar.

Wow! It worked. I emailed my Unicorn Name! So happy

I have generated my unicorn name, but can’t mail it

I am using default email account and getting this error, while my outlook was open


Also please let me know how I can open new browser in this studio (in old one we have open browser activity).
I have to open it manually here.