Week 1: Find out what RPA is


Configured Outlook and was able to send email to gmail account.

It is easy to use and intuitive. I could use the robot built in various usecases where an email needs to be send regularly like EOD reports, quarterly reports etc…

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where is the video walk thru on how to do this

it worked 2 for 2

First i wanted to say that I really like the course, it is amazing!
But I have a question…
I just build something for myself but can I still use that after this course or do I need to buy a subscription?

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After struggling this week with internal whitelisting, I was finally able to make this work for me.

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Yes Studio X is unique tool. Easy to use and has great functionalities.

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Send Outlook E-mail works like a champ!


Looks like it’s a lot more than just 4 hours per week :slight_smile:

Feels like more than hours mentioned to really understand but enh=joying it.

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I am excited about the capabilities of StudioX. And yes, I find it easy to use.

There are certain reports I run in my organization at the end of every month and I absolutely believe that I can automate that. :sunglasses:

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Done. Able to generate the unicorn file and email myself via outlook.
Not that straight forward. Thanks to your video and hints in the checklist.

Now going to the next task

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Hi Tim! You can continue using the Community Edition of our product. It is free for individual RPA developers and small teams. :smiley:

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