Week 1: Build your first Robot

Great learning experience during Week 1!

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  1. Comparing weather forecast from diferent site
  2. Geeitng daily update on COVID data for most interesting areas
  3. Looking for daily best prices for something I’d like to buy
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Wonderful learning content.


I had a lot of difficulty working out of onedrive. This might b syncing issue on my computer but found it a lot easier to work stratigh from the computer

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Hi, I just finished my exercise “Find your unicorn name” :partying_face: :sunglasses:… I’m very impress how Robotic works… :heart_eyes:

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Well explained and got the hands on session through video session which is very good.
Thank you.
Hitendra Panchal

Potential RPA uses:

  1. Grab GPA from university website to confirm scholarship application data
  2. Scrape public-domain enrollment statistics to include in a table
  3. Populate faculty evaluation report with publicly-released teaching ratings

I did my first exercise but struggled a bit.

Other projects:

  1. Open last page in the book I was reading
  2. Calulate income tax
  3. Make multiple phone calls and say Good morning

Eventhough it was a simple exercise to start with I´ve got the chills when saw the first automation I built myself…nice! :slight_smile:

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I got Mystic Snowflake-Dream name…I will use it somehow… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Hi Team,

It was thrilling task. I have built my first robot successfully, however, I have a question. How do I make the robot run for all the line items in excel sheet. What is the command? Sorry If I had missed that information provided in the course.

Thank you

This was a very Thrilling Experience.
Thank you UiPath :+1:

Hi All, I am getting an issue in updating the Excel add-in. i am using MS office home and student 2016. Can anyone help me in getting this sorted.

My ideas for automation goes like this:

  1. Arranging selfies from one common photo folder to personalized folders.
  2. Sending customized email to a set list of people.
  3. Search and collect the best rated movies/series from IMDB website.

Great first task. I built my first robot!