Week 1: Build your first Robot

Hi there, I just finished my 1st exercise and I’m pretty impressed how Robotic works. looking forward to proceeding with this course :smiley:

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Great first exercise! Looking forward to learning more.

Hi everyone, I am all new to the automation world; this is my first time trying StudioX, and it is really simple.
I had some practice in Studio, but this is even more simple.
Glad to see ll the topics this trainings bring.

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Great first exercise. I could see this being a huge time savor for numerous clients stuck doing manual work. For me personally, I would love to be able to run a bot on the 1st of each month to grab all of my financial information (bank accounts, investments, etc.) across every account I have, and throw those into an excel file that I’ve been manually updating for the last three years.


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This was great to create our first RPA use case. The videos are very helpful. I can see running reports from SFDC to a central email then forwarding the email onto a DL as a simple easy automation task. Removing these mundane tasks and allowing individuals to work on more complex items is key to employee engagement and loyalty.

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This is an excellent start and new learning curve. Extremely excited. Expecting everyone’s support and God’s grace in this venture.


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Made my first robot, but went further and searched for many names with the Excel for each row. Very simple so far and very good explanations. Keep up the good work. Thank you

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Great exercise to start with

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Completely new to Automation so this was a nice exercise to start off with.
No ideas yet as to what to automate but I am sure there will be loads of opportunities ahead

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Hi there,

Just discovered my unicorn name and found the task enjoyable and useful. As a matter of fact, I think I would’ve preferred to start with this one, rather than the currency converter one, which was way more complex.

However, both scenarios where very insightful and made me think of similar situations in which RPA can come in handy, such as automatically generating BOMs for hardware oriented projects and based on these and the man/hour effort needed to develop each project, even automatically generate cost estimates per project.

Looking forward to try out the next challenges.


I wouldn’t be surprised if it was mentioned already, but things like:

  1. Grading assignments and tests for teachers who are now working online due to COVID19. (and even after)
  2. Scraping the internet for specific information (and the latest) related to your research topic or subject expertise to stay up to date and informed in your field.
  3. Scraping reviews on your product to see what can be improved.

This was fun :slight_smile: I was able to play around a little bit once I started to understand the process. Looking forward to learning more.

Now I just need to find a Mac equivalent… Any suggestions (especially open-source, free, or low cost options) would be appreciated!


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Hi guys,

1/ Checking the bitcoin price
2/ Weather checking
3/ Scrape a quote on daily positive quotes website and generate a Twitte post with it/

Have a good Uipath experience,

I am new new to Automation so this was a first attempt to see what it’s all about. Some bugs to work out yet, but it is awesome. I don’t know what to automate yet but I am sure there will be loads of opportunities ahead,

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