Week 1: Build your first Robot

One important step in Rebooting your Skills is engaging with your peers who follow along the same journey. You’ve built your first robot today!

What 3 automation examples can you think of that would impact you the most - either for learning impact - or just save you doing a lot of work! Time for a collective brainstorm.

  1. Sending an automatic email to a group when someone contributes a new forum post.
  2. Emailing a supervisor a report that was downloaded and processed.
  3. Cleaning up your local folders.

For any technical question, or to provide ‌feedback, please create a new topic in our Reboot Your Skill category here.


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Really nice exercise to start off! :smiley:

I see great potential in non-value adding activities such as sending an email to the supplier confirming the order introduced in SAP, for example. Small changes that may generate a big impact, saving time and money to many companies.

Excited about what comes next!


This was a great start. I really enjoyed it :slight_smile:

really nice, easy to use platform. 1st try quite cool

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4 posts were split to a new topic: I am using uipath community version. The feel and look totally diff. Any suggestions?

11 posts were split to a new topic: When I am trying to “Indicate in Excel” , it is giving an error as “Failed to connect to the UiPath Excel Add-in.”

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Hi everyone! It was so cool building my first robot albeit with help, but that’s the learning process! I had a few ideas for real world automation that could be helpful.

1.) Cash flows for budgeting purposes.
2.) Stocks and the Dow.
3.) Subscriptions for products and services.

Thank you!



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Hi everyone , very excited to be part of this program

3 posts were split to a new topic: I’m locked when i tried to click on the “start” button in the “build your first robot” part nothing happen so i can’t go ahead, please help me

3 posts were split to a new topic: I initially had an issue with excel not opening ("System.Exception: Error opening workbook. Make sure is installed’’), however after some searching I managed to resolve the issue

Hi there, I just finished my 1st exercise and I’m pretty impressed how Robotic works. looking forward to proceeding with this course :smiley:

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Great first exercise! Looking forward to learning more.

Hi everyone, I am all new to the automation world; this is my first time trying StudioX, and it is really simple.
I had some practice in Studio, but this is even more simple.
Glad to see ll the topics this trainings bring.

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