Week 1: Automating Word

Great set of examples to run through. Very clear on what is required to get it working 100%. Looking forward to the next 3 weeks!


Finished with Week 1! Already been a great experience.


Great 1st week… completed all examples and practice projects. Good luck everyone!

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Very interesting, gave me a lot of ideas … waiting for next week!


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This is nice, it somehow copies the Mail Merge functionality from Word but adding more interesting stuff to it!

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Interesting practice, i’ve done the test but i did not receive the result as in the picture, because i have a exchange rate of 1.08 between eur and usd. I think that the example was made with another currency, maybe RON, but in the tips was used the “EUR exchange rate to USD”.

To get the exchange rate, the best way is this one?

  1. Access to the Google search https://www.google.com/search?q=EUR+exchange+rate+to+USD&oq=EUR+exchange+rate+to+USD&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l7.3564j1j9&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  2. Copy the value to the excel
  3. Replace the value in the word with the value in the excel

Other better ideas?


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Good exercise to end of the first week but bring everything we have gone through thus far together. For some activities there maybe multiple ways of doing it for example the exchange rate you could open the website directly or you could open your browser and and use type into and hit enter. Guess it depends on which is the most efficient way when creating the automation and also on the circumstances. Looking forward to the next week.


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I’m ready to next week. This exercise has been very interesting and practical.
It’s very common to use Microsoft Word in repetitive task.


Great practice exercises! Looking forward to next week.

Hi anet,

To get the exchange rate, instead of copying the value to the Excel, I used the option “Save For Later Use” (see the joined picture).

And then, I replaced the value in the Word by using the saved value.