Website Email Won't Work

I’m trying to email UiPath via Contact Sales - RPA Business Process Strategy | UiPath.

All the form fields are filled. But nothing happens when I click the submit button.


Thank you in advance for y our help.

Hi @Jim_Kitzmiller please test again. I did a quickly test and it’s working fine.

Thank you, Artur.

I have tried repeatedly with different email addresses and different capitalizations.

At one point there was a popup asking me if I wanted to change my email address. However, there were no indications that the system sent my email. There were no error messages.

I’m using Firefox on Windows 10.

Could it be that my message is too long?

Thank you,

Jim Kitzmiller

P.S. This bug creates a negative first impression.

Hey Jim, not sure. Send here the message and you email. I will try to send it for you. Meanwhile, try to send it using chrome. I don’t think that’s the reason, but I doesn’t hurt to try :wink:

Hi Artur,

I’m about to test it with Edge.

Hi Artur,

It works with Edge, but not Firefox. Something new has been added. There is now a warning that the system will not accept an email address from

It would be great if someone would create a robot to test UiPath’s contact form.

With appreciation,