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I am new to Ui Path, I am trying to have the bot go into a website to find the first property that appears and then find that property by scrolling in the next tab. I am unsure on how to do it. Any help would be great.

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Hey @RPALearner_17

Kindly provide screenshots for better understanding & suggestions…


Hi! Welcome to community!

Can we try like this to achieve your requirement.

1.Take one open browser activity in classic design experience or use Open Browser/Application from modern design experience and pass the URL.
2.If you wants to find the first property you can use find element and wants to extract the text you can simply use get text activity to get the particular text
3.If you wants to scroll down you can simply use Send Hotkey and pass the value as pgdn to scroll the page to the down


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Thanks for the help! I did do step 2 to try and get the particular text, unfortunately it contains sensitive info so I cannot provide a screenshot but for example. The element that I captured in one area is:

Date/Time → Ui Path is only allowing me to select this section of the text when I want it to capture the name section.
How long ago it posted
Name → Section I would like to capture but can not

Can you elaborated your query @RPALearner_17

Based on my understanding

You need to find Name section

Try with the following
Find element → Indicate the element on the screen
Get Text Activity


Doing that gets me the date and time but the name that is also in that cell does not allow me to recognize that as a text. It only recognizes the first line as a text. The posted time and name I cannot select. When I go to edit target, I try to change the code to aaname = ‘John Doe’ but it says not valid. My issue is that I need the bot to recognize the name that will continuously change when it runs and to pull the report from the new name that appears.

Hi @RPALearner_17

aaname = ‘*’

If possible can you share the selector in UiExplorer



You can use wild cards here. When the new text appears our bot won’t recognise the text.

So in the aaname =‘John doe’ replace the name with wild card so our bot will recognise the text whatever the text will be. So your final selector will be looks like this

<Webctrl='Chrome.exe' title='webpage name' />
<aaname='*' />